GEO 333: Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

Part V.  Contemporary Land Uses

A. Urban centers 

B. Manufacturing 

C. Agriculture 

D. Forestry

E. Shipping 

F. Recreational opportunities

G. Mining

G.  Mining and Resource Extraction  

economically valuable deposits
copper and copper mining
       copper and copper mining part I
       copper and copper mining part II
              FEATURE: Working in the mines
              FEATURE: Maps of copper mines
             FEATURE: Could Michigan copper have been traded worldwide in the Bronze Age?
iron mining
       iron mining part I
       iron mining part II
       iron mining part III
       iron mining part IV
              FEATURE: The Tilden open-pit iron mine
              FEATURE: Ishpeming and Negaunee
Iron Ranges of the UP
       Marquette Iron Range
       Gogebic Iron Range
       Menominee Iron Range
diamonds and kimberlites?
Michigan's (small) gold rush
limestone and limestone mining
       FEATURE: Calcite quarry at Rogers City
       FEATURE: The Alpena Cement Factory
hydrocarbons (oil and gas)
       hydrocarbons part I
       hydrocarbons part II
              FEATURE: Pinnacle reefs
       salt mining: the geology part
       salt mining: the mining part
       salt brines
              FEATURE: The story of Dow Chemical
              FEATURE: Brine/bromine mining....big business!
gypsum and gypsum mining
Portland cement
low-grade coal
shale and clay
sand and gravel (aggregate)
sand and sand mining
       sand mining part I
       sand mining part II
building stone



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