GEO 333
Geography of Michigan

and the Great Lakes Region

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Dr. Randall J. Schaetzl instructor

XThis page was created for GEO 333: Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region at Michigan State University. Some of the material on this page is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 9819148.
This web page contains information, maps and imagery that will help the student understand the course lectures.
Use of this page for units, classes, and lectures on Michigan geography is encouraged; please email Professor Schaetzl if you find this web page useful in any way. 

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Course syllabus

Maps, Maps, Maps

 Map World


Antique map

Pictured rocks

I: Introductory Materials and Base Data

II: Physical Geography

Sandy uplands

frontier home

III: Physiographic Regions and Unique Places

IV: Historical/Human Geography, and Michigan's Future Geography

golf course, subdivision, forest, road, farms


V: Contemporary Land Uses

VI: Humor, Miscellany and Oddities


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This page was created with generous support from the MSU College of Social Science and Dept. of Geography.
Other acknowledgments.

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