GEO 333: Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

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Part I.  Introduction to the Geography of Michigan

What is Geography?

What is geography concerned with?
Types of geographic studies
       regional geography
       systematic/thematic geography

General Physical and Cultural Data for Michigan

       miscellaneous information about Michigan
       QUIZ #2 locational materials
       lakes, rivers and wetlands
       The Michigan DNR's regional landscape maps for Michigan
              Lower peninsula
              Upper peninsula
       land uses and land cover
       Great Lakes' basin
       Michigan's boundaries
       major cities
       road and road networks
       major dams and bridges
       place names and their origins
       a list of all Michigan's townships, by county
       Michigan county and township governments (web page list)
       important dates in Michigan's history

.......Michigan's symbols - a partial list


Physical Geography

Physiographic regions 

Historical/Human Geography 

Land uses