GEO 333: Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

Part IV.  Historical and Human Geography

A. Pre-European demography

B. European settlement

C. The lumbering era

D. Early and mid 20th century

E. Geography of people

F. Future trends

C.  The lumbering era

Background to the logging era
       white pine logging part I
       white pine logging part II
              FEATURE: Just how much lumber was there?
       river logging
              FEATURE: Logging pirates
       the "big wheels"
       narrow gauge railroads and logging
       FEATURE: The white pine webpage, developed by the GEO 823 class
       tax-delinquent lands
       major, post-logging fires
              fires in the 1800's
              FEATURE: The Holland fire of 1871
              fires in the 1900's
       revegetation, or not?
              FEATURE: The "stump prairie" of the Kingston Plains
              FEATURE: The logging town of Deward
other (later) logging activities
       the furniture industry
       the hemlock "tanbark" industry
major fires in Michigan's history



Physical Geography

Physiographic regions 

Land uses