GEO 333: Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

Part IV.  Historical and Human Geography

A. Pre-European demography 

B. European settlement

C. The lumbering era 

D. Early and mid 20th century 

E. Geography of people

F. Future trends

B.  European settlement

French explorers and missionaries
       FEATURE: Father Marquette
       the fur trade
       the French and Indian War
British and early American influence
the development of Michigan's boundaries
       state boundary issues
       the Toledo War
       internal land divisions
              French Long Lot system of location
              USPLS system of location
                     FEATURE: The infamous Tiffin Report
                     FEATURE: Self-guided tutorial on the USPLS system
                     FEATURE: William Austin Burt, surveyor extraordinaire
early settlement and growth of Michigan
       the Erie Canal
       Michigan Fever Part 1
       Michigan Fever Part 2
       internal improvements
       the Homestead Act of 1862
       early cities
       FEATURE: places in Michigan that have the same name as those in New York and New England



Physical Geography

Physiographic regions 

Land uses