The following people have contributed in various ways to the construction of this page, and their efforts are greatly appreciated!  I apologize to those who may have contributed in smaller ways--your contribution is not unimportant, but to limit this page I had to include only those who made sizeable contributions.  Thanks to you all!!

Nicole L Alessandri: made some of the population change maps for the web page
Heather Allman: helped with the Potawatomie page
Diane Baclawski: MSU Geology Librarian, contributed many tidbits of knowledge, rocks and maps that, over the years, have
        made the web page and the lectures better
Geoff Batten: provided sounds and sights of Isle Royale
David Baylis: Reformatted all the web pages and assisted in finding permissions.
Dr. Chuck Cleland: contributed various images on Michigan's settlement, and maintains the Great Lakes Ecological Assessment
        home page (see link)
Dr. Rod Cranson: contributed various maps and diagrams on Michigan geology
Jamie de Steiger: provided material for two web pages on native Americans in Michigan
Nicole Finney: created the web page for Lansing
Dr. Stuart Gage: contributed images and information on Gypsy Moths
Carl Gewirtz of US Brick: provided a tour of the Michigan Brick facility in Corunna
Jason Giddings: provided imagery of the logging era
Angela Gottschling: provided imagery on the Welland canal and the Bllomfield Hills area
Jo Haines: provided me with a book on the 1819 Saginaw Treaty, and some photos (fish, dunes)
Jay Harman: provided information on mini-mills
Mindy Harris: provided photos of various Michigan landscapes, and helped with the Grand Rapids furniture page
Peter Harsha: created the interactive county map of Michigan
John  Hay: drew my attention to an article on cast iron, and provided images of Grand Rapids
Amy Hughes: provided several aerial photographs from various locations around the state
Andy Huizinga: developed and provided the web page on "significant weather events in Michigan"
Janel Hunt: helped with the Toledo Strip page
Tangie Jones: provided the Pictured Rocks web page
Kevin Kincare: provided many interesting publications and images for the web page, from his "storehouse" at the MDEQ
Brian Kleinfeld: contributed images of copper mines
Jeff Kutschman: created the USPLS tutorial page
Kelly McKenzie: designed the running races web page
Matt Mitroka: provided some imagery of crops and agriculture
Chris Moore: provided historiac Deward photos
Dr. Judy Olson and her students: developed and contributed the maps on Michigan's ethnicity
Yali Li: Graduate student who designed the initial page from scratch
John Rapp: provided numerous resource materials, especially photographs, that I have used in the web page
Dr. Roger Rosentreter: taught me much about the history of Michigan, and provided some illustrations and drawings that are
        reproduced within this web page
Ken Scheffler and Scott Niswander of Michigan Sugar Company: explained the sugar industry and gave a splendid tour of the Michigan Sugar Plant in Caro
Ellen Schueller: did a tremendous amount of typing of text for the web page
Shannon Serra: provided the picture of heavy lake-effect snow in the Gaylord area
Kim Shannon: provided me with a newspaper article on logging "pirates"
Jeff Shaw: provided the dredging animation
Karsten Shein: graduate student who created the many "thumnails" that assist in loadingtimes, and created the wonderful Michigan Wines pages.
Brad Shellito: developed a section on recreation in Michigan and kindly allowed GEO 333 to use it
Ian Sims: developed and provided the Soo Locks animation
Eryka Smith: provided inagery and information on the Bayport limestone quarry, and even a few samples!
Gail Smith and Great Lakes Steel Corporation: provided a magnificent tour of their facilties at Trenton
Dr. Phil Smith and Dr. Gary Manson, from the office of the Dean of Social Science at MSU: supportive of the project from its inception, and instrumental in providing the financial support necessary to get it off the ground and to keep making it better and better
Julie Stafford: created several geologic maps
Daniel Sterling: provided the web page material on Detroit's history
Jacqueline Tripi: contributed to the Cheif Pontiac materials
Nate Verhanovitz: contributed images of copper mines
Osman Wallace: created the acreage and yield maps for the various agricultural commodities produced in Michigan
Beth Weisenborn: graduate student who tirelessly contributed greatly to the "finishing touches" of web page design
Krissy Wyrick: for the grindstone and materials on Grindstone City
Ryck Zarick: help with the Toledo Strip page, and images from that area

Finally, many, many GEO 333 students have helped throughout the years, by providing imagery, telling stories and providing experineces, data, and information, and overall by enriching the class in so many ways.  I could never list all of them here.  But your help has made this web page much better than I ever could have.  Thanks to all of you.  This is YOUR page!