Henry Ford was a great man, who was born on July 30, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford was one of six children, is mother and father were great people and they made sure that all six of their children were brought up correctly and healthy. Since Henry was a little boy he had interest in mechanical things and hated to work at home on the farm. Henry Ford dreamed of becoming a famous mechanic someday and hoped to be able to manufacture cars and he knew it was not going to be easy.


Henry Ford was a strong and bright man and if he put his mind to something, he knew he could succeed. That is way at age 16 he decided to run away from his family and head to Detroit were he would become an apprentice machinist. After a few years of being apprentice, he began to do his own work with operating and over- hauling engines and other mechanical work.


In 1891, Mr. Ford became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. While he was working for this coming he was working on the side for himself hoping to invent a propelled vehicle. The vehicle name was called the �Quadricyle� and was suppose to be some kind of advanced transportation system that would help people get to where they need to be faster. Even though Henry Ford was not the very first to invent the propelled vehicle, he was one of the major factors that the United States became a nation of motorists.


Now that Mr. Ford was well on his way he wanted to start his own company of manufacturing automobiles. This was not an easy task for him, it was a bumpy road and he failed twice before he finally succeeds. Finally, in 1903 the Ford Company was incorporated and was stationed in the Detroit area. Henry Ford begins to realize his dream is going to become reality and in 1908 the first Model T was introduced. This new vehicle began a whole new era of transportation. The Model T was the vehicle of the future, everyone wanted it because it was easy to operate, maintain, and handle when you were on rough roads.


By 1918, Henry could not believe how successful he was doing because he never imagined his car being such a big hit. The Model T was such a big hit that half the people in the United States had one in 1918. Since the Model T was in so much demand Henry Ford had to open another company at Highland Park, Michigan in the early 1910.


The Ford Motor Company became one of the biggest industrial complexes in the United States and it is amazing that it all started here in the state of Michigan. This complex alone ran along the banks of the Rouge River in Dearborn, Michigan. This was not just a plant it included all the potential elements need for automobile production: a steel mill, glass factory, and automobile assembly line.


That�s the great thing about Henry Ford he did not just help boost the economy with the Model T but, he also boosted the economy when he came up with the assembly line. The assembly line did great things for citizens and the company. By using the assembly line it increased production, and it lowered the costs. By 1924 more than ten million Model T cars had been sold and Detroit became the auto-making capital of America


Henry Ford was a well respected man and did great things for this country by inventing the Model T and getting the assembly line started. By 1927, it was easy to see what was taking place at the Rouge Plant, characterizing Henry Ford�s idea of mass production.  �Henry Ford was considered one of the most famous and influential businessman until his death in 1947.�(Http://who2.com/jeeves/henryford.html)


Till this day, Detroit is known for starting the automobile business and we owe our legacy to Henry Ford. Where would be today if we did not have this great invention, because we rely on cars/vehicles to get us places daily. I know that I am thankful for everything Mr. Ford and his company have done for America.


Henry Ford (1863-1947)

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This site is very helpful to find out anything you want to know about Henry Ford. It starts with his childhood and goes all the way till his death. It goes into depth about how it was always a dream of his to become an engineer. I recommend this site for anyone that wants to learn more about him.

The Life of Henry Ford





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The Model T

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One of Henry Fords plant- this one was located on the Rouge River, in Dearborn, Michigan.




The last website I used for Henry ford was http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blford.htm. Which goes into depth about Mr. Fords life and how about the Model T car and how it was produced.

Here's another great web site about Henry Ford: project..partsgeek.com/mmparts/henry_ford_automotive_icon.html


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